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Top 5 Outlook Add-Ins for Office 365 Users

Jul 25, 2017
Tags: Software

Top 5 Outlook Add-Ins we recommend you check out!

    They are easy to add and try and if you don’t like them easy to remove

     as well.

     How to access and see what’s available:



  1. Open Outlook and along the top task bar select "Store" (as shown above)
  2. Scroll down the selection and double click to find out more about each Add-in.
  3. Once added the Add-In will appear in the top task bar (some are on the left while others appear on the right)
  4. Double click the add-in and follow the instructions, some add-ins ask you to register or sign in, while others ask you to link with your Office 365 account.
  5. You’re ready to go!
  6. To remove , open the Store from Outlook again, select "My Add-ins" and untick the ones you don't want.


DocuSign for Outlook


Sign & return or get signatures on documents sent to you in seconds with DocuSign for Outlook!. Once installed DocuSign Logo will appear in the Outlook toolbar whenever an attachment is found on an email message, it will walk you through the process it’s that easy!





Turn email into actionable items and keep yourself and your team on track with Trello for Outlook. Create cards, input descriptions, and add due dates directly from Outlook, and make sure important emails never fall through the cracks.




Bing Nearby

This add-in is great for inserting an info snapshot of a Restaurant, coffee shop, hotel or a business directly into the body of your email, meeting, or appointment. The snapshot includes address, map, phone number, user ratings and more.




PayPal for Outlook

Do you use PayPal for Business or Personal? This allows you to pay people in seconds and manage it all from your Outlook.




And for a bit of fun.....



Love your emoji’s?    With this add-in you can select from a variety of categories and make your emails stand out and for a bit of fun!





It doesn’t end there, open Word, Excel and PowerPoint and see what add-ins are available for them!


Have you found others that are working for you? We would love to hear from you, so please let us know.


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