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What is GDPR?

The goal of the GDPR is to establish a single, pan-European law to replace the current inconsistent patchwork of national laws. 

Think you don't need to worry about GDPR?

I don’t need to worry about GDPR because…

  • I’m only a small business.

  • I don’t send eshots to people.

  • I don’t have any employees.

  • The only personal data I have is customers.

  • It’s still changing so why should I start now?

  • It is mainly aimed at the big corporate businesses

  • We are leaving the EU soon anywa​y

​Read our blog to find out why you need to be compliant and what you need to be doing.

GDPR Implementation

Business continuity should be a priority for every business. Becoming GDPR compliant can be an extensive process, we can help implement GDPR processes with minimal disruption to your business

Assisted implementation services:

Red Fusion will provide all of the necessary forms, controls, processes and paperwork in template format and will guide you through the process of becoming GDPR compliant.

This allows you to implement the change internally to your organisation and to a timescale or approach that suits your business.

Fully managed implementation:

Red Fusion will understand your business, its processes, its data, the risks and where you are non-compliant. From here we will design a project plan to take your organisation through the steps to GDPR compliance. This can involve an ongoing managed service to include the Data Protection Officer as a Service, ensuring continued compliance as legislation changes and guidance is updated by the ICO.

GDPR Gap Analysis

The extensive assessment asks a series of questions related to GDPR Compliance. This allows us to gain a better understanding of your compliance requirements.

The survey focuses on the following sections relating to GDPR:

  • Governance
  • Risk Management
  • Data Protection Officers (DPO)
  • Roles and responsibilities of your organisation
  • Process Analysis
  • Personal Information Management System (PIMS)
  • Information Security Management System (ISMS)
  • Rights of Data Subjects

To view our Datasheets please select from the following:

GAP Analysis

Security Services

Personl Information Management Systems

Data Protection Officer as a Service

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