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Clicked on a MALICIOUS link?....

... don't worry you're safe, please read below to find out how and why you got here.

Microsoft Office 365 Portal -Dummy email link

You may of ended up at this page because you clicked on a test email sent to you from This was requested by your line manager to make you aware of the implications of clicking on a link in an email without the proper checks or protection software in place.


Emails are the easiest way to get a virus or ransomwear and the emails are becoming more realistic and get through to your inbox avoiding the spam mechanism in place to help protect you. The fraudulent email normal contains a hidden link or an attachment tricking you to click on it and open it, it could send you to a replica website which asks you to enter your credentials, they then have full access to your account!

Others trick you in to downloading harmful software which then has full control of your PC and can spread through the office network infecting all devices. It usually encrypts all your data so it becomes unusable and requests thousands of pounds to uncrypt it (£1000 per file!)



So, at Red Fusion we have provided a FREE service where we can see how email security savvy your employees or work colleagues are and see if they would click on a link that could be malicious. All you need to do is provide us their first name, last name and email address and confirm if you have Microsoft Office 365 subscription for the users. (If you haven't don't worry just let us know a cloud solution you do use, the more specific the better ie: your current Anti-Virus software)


We will send them an email like this:

We can then track which users have clicked through, don't worry they only go through to this page, and provide you with the information to improve their knowledge, awareness and provide possible software solutions for you to consider.


If you would like to know more about Spam emails or other security recommendations click here (don't worry it only sends you to our Blog page!)


Or if you would like us to run this free service for your team, email us their full name and email address and we'll do the rest. or 01865 601291



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