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Where do I start with GDPR?

Feb 23, 2018

I don’t need to worry about GDPR because…. I’m only a small business. I don’t send eshots to people. I don’t have any employees. The only personal data I have is customers. It’s still changing so why should I start...

Don't settle for just SPAM protection!

Oct 9, 2017

New malicious email campaigns are being launched every day are you fully protected?   Spam emails, we all get them and most are captured by our built-in spam protection (normally part of our Anti-Virus solution or email provider) placing them...

Which Anti Virus Solution is right for you?

Sep 19, 2017

Which net catches the biggest volume, the most deadly, the latest attack and is strong enough without having to buy a whole fishing vessel?   AV, Anti-Virus, Internet Security, Endpoint protection…. AVG, Sophos, Avast, Eset, Norton, McAfee, Symantec, Kaspersky, Webroot,...

Do you have Fibre Broadband?

Sep 4, 2017

Do you have Fibre Broadband? Is it “Full Fibre”? -probably not! But it may be on its way as the Government announce trial areas for Fibre straight to your front door! But I already have it you say!!…..   What...

Top 5 Outlook Add-Ins for Office 365 Users

Jul 25, 2017

Top 5 Outlook Add-Ins we recommend you check out!     They are easy to add and try and if you don’t like them easy to remove      as well.      How to access and see what’s available:...

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