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Managed Support

The complete IT solution.

Red Fusions complete package of IT Support, built and designed around your needs.

Full Managed Support

Whether supplementing or replacing your internal IT staff we offer a complete IT support service that covers all elements of an IT department easing your burden with things like PAYE, holiday pay, sick leave entitlement etc. Gain access to all of featured bolt-ons such as anti-virus, outlook email protection, SSL Certification and off site backup.

Red Fusion provide a solution that scales to the size of your business. We offer complete, robust packages of IT Services, for every level of IT Support, available 24/7, leaving you to look after the core of your business.

Managed Service Providers (MSP) deploy a team of highly skilled professionals that manage and operate round the clock services, sharing the risks and rewards you. We adapt to your needs ensuring your IT systems run efficiently.  Managed support services have demonstrated cost savings of up to 30% through increased efficiency, lower cost of human capital, higher skill sets, knowledge management and overall reduction of operating costs.

Red Fusion provide training for all of the software and hardware that we implement, increasing productivity, efficiency within your business. Managed Support offers user training for all of the services that we implement. Receive training for Microsoft packages, account packages, network and hardware systems. 

Software Services 

  • Operating Systems
  • Anti-Virus
  • Email
  • Microsoft Packages
  • SAGE
  • Quickbooks

Hardware Services 

  • PC's
  • Laptops
  • Printers
  • Scanners
  • Routers
  • Telephone Systems

Your Return Of Investment Is Our Goal

By correctly maintaining your hardware; this maximises your performance, productivity and extends the lifetime of the product. 

We support Microsoft Windows Server, Exchange, Antiv-Virus, Sage and backup management - With Unlimited Support and one hour response if required

Managed Services

Service Description
Help Desk Software A Single Point of Contact for all users to call upon for IT issues and/or requirements
Guaranteed Response Times We GUARANTEE the agreed response time will be achieved or YOUR MONEY BACK
Hourly Engineering Time Any additional work required outside of the agreed terms will be discounted by 25%
Monitored Network 24/7 We utilise a carefully selected program - RED WATCH - for monitoring our support clients networks and providing proactive and immediate responses (Chances are the problem will be resolved before you even notice)
User Training By managing the performance we can use our time ensuring your users are getting the most out of the IT systems by completing training for individuals or teams where the training is specific to your business needs, goals and development
Network Performance The network review facilities highlight network traffic issues and allow us to effect repair/replacement solutions in a timely manner
Server Patch Management Let us ensure the updates are installed at the right time, ensuring your servers are all up to date - this ensures the updates do not effect your network performance
Managed IT Administrator By allowing us to administer your system and user requirements, you will always have total control of user details, security, information management and documentation. Allow us to complete the mundane elements of IT administration in order your team to use their time in more influential areas
Virtual IT Manager By monitoring your network, understanding your business needs and requirements, methodology etc, we have a 360 degree of your business and requirements and can provide the most cost effective and logistically correct solution - including future planning when required
Asset Management Our management process for Support clients not only provides an Asset List of your IT hardware for internal account management and Insurance purposes, but allows us to provide enhanced security by verifying all new devices are secure and agreed
Free Consultancy With over 30 years management, IT and processes experience our Account Managers provide industry recommended solutions at no cost to you, purely as a result of you selecting Red Fusion as your approved Support Partner
Disaster Recovery
We will ensure any program provides all parties with the correct documentation, plus will fulfill your requirements based on logistical and financial terms. Every business will have their own specific requirements and our solutions will match each clients requirements, from off-site data protection to office sourcing and NIL downtime as a result of total disasters
Off-Site Backup We provide off site back up, ensuring that your business continues to operate at all times, keeping costs and down time to a minimum. You can access your data remotely or get one of our trusty Tech Team to perform Data Recovery in the event of a disaster. This service can be implemented to store data from multiple business locations.


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Red Fusion provide dependable IT Support all around the UK, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we understand the importance of providing clean jargon-free communication with our clients. We provide full training on all of our systems, increasing productivity and efficiency.  

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