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We keep an eye on your IT.

We keep an eye on your systems,  so you can keep an eye on your business.

Monitored Support

We provide a notification procedure via email and/or sms txt message as soon as a problem arises, ensuring issues are dealt with in a quick and efficient manner.

Through our Monitored Support package we provide detailed analysis on system performance, we use these results to help advise you on how to increase the productivity of your business. 

As part of our best practice policy Red Fusion always offer an internal backup solution as part of our Monitored Support service. An internal data backup solution ensures that you have access to vital data even when an internet connection is non-existent or unreliable, leaving you able to work offline ensuring business continuity.

Monitoring Services

What we monitor How we monitor
Servers Monitor predefined aspects of server performance, usage and events. Run batch scripts and automated tasks
PCs, Worstations & Laptops Check health of a PC, same checks as above and features
All other Network Devices SNMP checks on networking devices check to see errors and uptime on devices and notify if any devices becomes offline
Performance Performance checks on hard drives (disk time) memory usage, Processor usage
Hard Drive Space Checks currents space and used space, gives % of disk consumed since last scan
Windows Check windows services are running, exchange, dhcp, dns, server, netlogon, etc.
Web Site Check Ping to website on stable internet connection can notify if website is down
Off Site Back Up Upload files and folders to secure offsite installation in the event of disaster, data is safe
A.V. & Spyware AV deployed via management system and checked via monitoring to make sure it is up to date and active
Bandwidth Monitoring Bandwidth monitoring checked, physical connections for bottle necks in network. Providing information for resolving issues on network
Critical Events Checks event logs and notifies of any critical events being produced by server or workstation
Vunerability Checks
Checks servers or workstations are up to date and advises on updates that have not been applied or require installing
And More! Red Fusion also specialise in a number of monitored support features

Red-Watch Monitoring Programme

We will utilise a carefully selected bespoke programme (Red-Watch) for monitoring of our clients networks. This has been designed, along with our support partners, specifically for the SME market plae in respect of cost and applications/services.

Red-Watch is a network operation center that montors and manages our clients IT and security infrastructure on a constant basis.

Constant 24x7 monitoring of the hardware and specific software issues minimise the possibility fo downtime as we can attend to issues in advance of the issue becoming critical, or responding to an issue in the most time effective manner, based on the contract terms.

  • Real time monitoring of critical hardware and software issues

  • Automatic Patch Management, software distribution and remote access for all supported systems

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